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The Battle of Stalingrad


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"At the bottom of the trenches there lay frozen green Germans and frozen grey Russians and frozen fragments of human shapes, and there were helmets, Russian and German, lying among the brick debris... How anyone could have survived was hard to imagine. But now everything was silent in this fossilized hell, as though a raving lunatic had suddenly died of heart failure."
-Alexander Werth, in Stalingrad, February 1943*

Photos from the Battle of Stalingrad:


Lying in ambush.
Photo by Georgi Zelma


In a street of the city.
Photo by Georgi Zelma


Shot-down Nazi plane.
Photo by Georgi Zelma


A Soviet tank.
Photo by Georgi Zelma


Preparing for an assualt.
Photo by Georgi Zelma


A running assault.
Photo by Georgi Zelma


Fighting for each floor.
Photo by Georgi Zelma


Front-line of 62th Soviet Army.
Photo by Vasili Chuikov


Fighting not only tanks, fighting aircrafts.
Photo by Vasili Chuikov

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*quote from Richard Overy's "Russia's War"